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26 August 2009

Hands on Tauranga
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Dear Mrs Kean,

I am a year 9 student and in English we are learning about Formal Writing.
Today we started writing with your ink pens. I learnt that writing with ink pens is really hard. I liked trying something different. It was hard to not get ink blobs everywhere. Thank you for lending us your ink pens.

Yours Faithfully

Shemaiah Thomas


Heavenly Objects

Take a stocking, brick and some objects from the Hands on Tauranga Collection and you have everything you need to recreate a scene from the film Heavenly Creatures.

That’s what Kate Gallant, an English teacher at Tauranga Girls’ College, did to fire up her student’s imagination and bring the story to life. “I’m a visual person” says Kate “I think if you can see it and touch it then the experience will stay with you. For my students hopefully this will translate into them connecting with what they are learning”. Having booked several objects online Kate was able to recreate the atmosphere of a 1950s luncheon, the final meal before the now infamous murder. “The gramophone proved particularly popular. None of my Yr. 12 students had seen anything like it so it generated a lot of discussion”.

“In another class students were amazed by bloomers made from flour bags. This really brought home the message of hardship during the depression and helped to make my power point more meaningful. I noticed that students who wouldn’t normally contribute to class discussions, got involved” Kate said.

Image: A student plays Pauline Parker with help of objects from the Collection.


Teachers explore 'Hands On' objects

Last week teachers from Selwyn Ridge Primary and Tauranga Girls' College got their hands on objects from the Hands on Tauranga collection.

As a way of introducing the Hands on Tauranga service a variety of objects including moa bones, canon balls and Manu Tukutuku (Maori Kite) were taken into both schools. Teachers were given the opportunity to explore how these objects could be used as part of their lessons. The response was extremely positive with discussion on the ways that real museum objects would be enjoyed by students while enhancing their learning.

Teachers commented on how simple the service is to use. Once registered objects can be viewed, selected and booked on line and are then delivered and picked up from the school. If you would like Hands on Tauranga to visit your school to speak to staff please contact us to arrange a time.

Image: Roger Colquhoun, Selwyn Ridge Primary


A group of 10 fossils.

The newest addition to the Hands on Tauranga collection is a fantastic group of quality fossils for you to learn from or use as a support resource.

Did you know?

  • There are two types of fossils: vertebrate and invertebrate.
  • Vertebrate fossils come from animals that had bones and Invertebrate fossils come from plants or animals that didn't have bones.

Fossils group includes:

  • Flexecalymene Trilobite
  • Dinosaur Bone Chunk
  • Gastropod (Fossil Snail)
  • Mazon Creek Plant Fossil (Fern, Bark, seed pod etc)
  • Nautiloid
  • Peronopsis Trilobite
  • Petrified Wood
  • Goniatite
  • Canadian Leaf Fossil
  • Dinosaur Eggshell Fragment

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