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Mineral Collection HC191
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Mineral Collection HC191

A collection of 20 minerals in individual sample boxes. The collection includes:
Igneous rocks -obsidian, basalt, rhyolite, andesite
Sulphide minerals -pyrite
Oxide minerals -corundum/ruby, pyrolusite
Hydroxide minerals -limonite
Silicate minerals -rose quartz, white quartz, amethyst, lapis/lazurite, biotite, rhodonite, nephrite/pounamu, shorl/tourmaline, beryl, emerald, topaz
Organic gem -amber

maximum dimension:
 Collection box 290mm x 220mm


subject area: Science, Social Science, Geology, Technology


subject themes: Earth Science, Rocks, Crystals, Gems, Rock Cycle


handling collection number: HC191

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Mineral Collection HC191
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