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Gas Mask, General Service Respirator HC149
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Gas Mask, General Service Respirator HC149

A tan coloured canvas and rubber mask attached to an orange/red metal canister by a rubber hose covered in canvas.

A gas mask worn over the face to protect the wearer from breathing toxic materials. In WW1 they were an important part of soldiers' equipment as poison gas was used. During WW2 thousands of gas masks were manufactured and given to soldiers, civilians and even animals. Neither side used gas during WW2 but training to use a gas mask was given, even in New Zealand.

date: 1940

artist/manufacturer: B.W. & M. Ltd. Britain

maximum dimension: 670mm

subject area: Social Science, Technology, Art, English, Science, PE & Health

subject themes: WW1, WW2, Conflict, Warfare, Technology

handling collection number: HC149

Gas Mask, General Service Respirator HC149
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