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Clay Pipe HC137
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Clay Pipe HC137

A clay pipe with long stem that has been broken at the end. Marked on stem, 'W.White, Scotland, Carlyle's Pipe'. William White's firm was manufacturing from 1806 to 1955. Large numbers of White's pipes were shipped overseas, including to NZ and Australia.

Clay pipes were almost always used to smoke tobacco in Northern Europe from the late sixteenth century onwards. By the middle of the nineteenth century more durable pipes, and the growing popularity of the cigarette, threatened clay pipe makers. In response to this designs got more decorative. Due to their fragile nature they were frequently broken and discarded. As a result they are often found by archaeologists. 

date: 1890-1914

manufacturer: W. White, Scotland

maximum dimension:


subject area: Social Science, English and the Languages, PE & Health, The Arts


subject themes: Tobacco, Health, Trade, Manufacturing, Design


handling collection number: HC137

Clay Pipe HC137
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